sexta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2012

What's happening?

What's up? So.. some reports about my week... Let's go!

Today is Dec. 19th and my night yesterday was very good Kate and I (hostsister) went to watch one movie in Yarmouth, "The Hobbit" i really liked, it's very nice. When the movie ended my first thought was "i need read the book".. it's very nice i can't wait to read the book.

 When movie end was late, but that canadian don't stop in one Tim Hortons? Yes, I think so all. She told me if she could surprise me if i could try it one new flavour, i said "ok" and she bought one great coffee that had "mint flavour" and back to home, long time i guess almost 1h30m.. I live far of city.

When back if i'm not wrong was last day of The Voice... Cassadee Pope won, she deserved, was a good night. thanks god!

So I went back to Yarmouth, Dec 22nd and almost bought "The Hobbit" i said i need wait more days to buy "ok" sometimes i talk with the books, cd's.. at Walmart!

 My plans were to buy christmas gifts... yes, i bought and something to me too, of course. About my christmas was very good, i ate a lot, talked and others things and had gifts, of course, for begin my hmom didn't let me open the gifts before christmas just Dec. 25th.. canadians ways.

It's just this, this post it's dedicated to my hmom she doesn't stop to send me to write here in english and make videos too.. So i'll be back soon.

I almost forgot... in the moment i'm in "Break" started Dec. 20th and finish January 3rd when school backs, have a happy holidays everyone :)


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